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Vieta is a simple and lightweight communications app for projects
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Whether you work solo or with multiple teams, Vieta offers a flexible way to organise all your conversations and files into a personalised structure.
A unique set of features
Real time chat
Powerful file sharing
Personal structure
Forget switching between numerous apps daily - Vieta is a communications platform that helps all your ideas happen from the beginning to the final outcome.
Hey, individual structure!
Vieta is easy. Beautiful. Personal.
  • Turn that mind chaos into a single calm and uncluttered space.
  • Organise all of your chats and files into projects.
  • Invite people to collaborate, or just keep things private.
  • Share and organise files of absolutely any size (really).
It’s a chat for projects
Most great projects start with a conversation.
  • Use our simple and lightweight chat to stay in touch with your friends and co-workers.
  • Have more than one chat with the same person – no need to mix different projects and ideas into one conversation.
Freedom is my wealth
Vieta gives you Freedom:
to work solo or with a team
to communicate only with those you prefer to
from ads and getting your data sold
to choose your work structure
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Need a real-life Vieta scenario?
Personal project - Home renovation
Whether you’re planning a total gut renovation or simply DIY’ing a single room, make Vieta a place for all your ideas, useful links, screenshots and mental notes. It will help you to keep track of all the inspiration sources and share them with your family, too.
Use Vieta to:
  • Collect useful links, screenshots and saved photos and put them together in a single, easy to find project.
  • Discuss renovation ideas with your family: you can have different topic-based chats with the same person - such as "Floor plan", "Contractors" or "Kitchen ideas".
Doing all three and more?
is for individuals who work with multiple teams, but also for solo projects. You don't need a team to sign up.
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