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Does the tech world sound kind of intimidating? Something only people with serious degrees could do? Well, the reality is a little different. By now you most probably already know about startups. Every major tech giant had their start there - from Tesla to Tik Tok. Can you guess what they all have in common? 🚀 Well, it all starts with a small idea & passionate people. Founders, marketing specialists and IT guys - they all build this product FOR YOU. And one of the most important & creative jobs lies within the hands of a PRODUCT DESIGNER. 👨‍🎨 They are the ones who make your favourite apps your favourite. They sketch the designs & solve problems, then they resketch & find new solutions, until finally, a perfectly polished app is designed specifically for your convenience and pleasure. ✨ And now we invite you to the backstage of our Vieta App product design team to shed some light on the process behind building an app. 🔥 With these 7 tasks you’ll get the chance to see what it means to be a product designer and sketch some ideas for yourself. You’ll learn: - to think visually; - about symbols & hidden meanings; - to think like a product designer; - to produce a handful of sketches for your own portfolio. Maybe this will be the start of your next big idea? 👀 Let’s dive in!
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