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10 days, 10 trips for your taste buds! 🌏💥 Travelling has been put on hold for now, but that shouldn’t stop us from experiencing the world. One of the most enjoyable travelling experiences has always been discovering the culture through the local cuisine. Just try to imagine Italy without those espresso cups or pizza crusts. Quite impossible, right? 🍕 So this challenge will transport you to quite a few different parts of the world (even if only metaphorically). And it will be way cheaper & safer than actually flying out somewhere. The only trip you’ll have to make is to your local supermarket and the kitchen. 🏡 Make these dishes for your loved ones or for yourself and if you feel kinda lazy, you can always just order in. Either way, try and make the best out of your evening - sample all the different tastes and explore the world right from your home. 💙 The world awaits, shall we begin? 🚀
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