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If everything goes well for your neighbour, you’re well too. 🙌 When your local small businesses are thriving, more money comes back to the community and everyone is better off. So why choose those mega corporations, when you can support that cute little bakery next door? 🥰 And if you’re still not convinced to join this #supportthelocals challenge, here’s more reason why you should: 1️⃣ When you buy local, you support the dreams of your neighbour, instead of profiting some faceless billionaire. 2️⃣ This could be a great way to get some karma points, if you’re thinking about your own business. 3️⃣ This absolutely doesn’t mean you’ll spend your money on unnecessary things. On the contrary, you’ll buy more consciously and ethically. In this challenge you’ll find ideas on how to support your local businesses. Hint: supporting them often doesn’t even cost a thing. So join to find out and give your local community some extra love. ❤️
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