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Your journey to using Social Media with Intention starts here! Do you give yourself a few minutes to scroll through Instagram or Tik Tok, but end up doing it for an hour? Maybe while looking at posts of others you start comparing yourself to other and feel stressed? Been there, done that - it happens to everyone. āœØ If you want to learn how to use social media in a more mindful way, try out this 8-day challenge! šŸ“± Here you will: āœ”ļø Go through the accounts you follow and review them; āœ”ļø Reassess your relationship with social media; āœ”ļø Learn how to develop a more positive attitude towards social media apps; āœ”ļø Start to transform your own social media into a more useful and valuable tool. Feeling ready? Let's dive into it! šŸŒŠ
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