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"Set a goal to complete a longer race. The crossing of the finish will change your life!" - Jeff Galloway, author of more than 20 books on running. The goal is simple - to prepare for and run that 5K. 🏁 This distance is usually the first hurdle faced by beginners, but overcoming it opens up endless further goals! 🤠 In the coming weeks, you'll: - learn about running and a healthy lifestyle; - run at different speeds and distances; - prepare for the run mentally; - do workouts at home! Take this challenge only if you know your physical condition can deal with trying to run these kinds of distances. 👀 And if you notice that this running plan is too intense for you, just try adding one or more rest days between long runs. 🙏 Ready to run that 5K? 💪 P.S. 5km is your usual, daily running distance? 😏 Skip this one and try the 'Run that first 10km' challenge! 🤟
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