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No matter if you shoot on a professional camera or simply love to take pictures on your phone - this challenge is created for everyone who's into photography! šŸ“ø During these upcoming 14 days, your goal is to share a photo everyday. Simple, right? But for each day, you'll receive a different prompt - portrait, black & white, architecture... These will motivate you to try out new photography styles or look through all your past photography works and remember shots you might have forgotten. šŸŽž In this challenge: āœ”ļø You'll be inspired to experiment with new creative topics; āœ”ļø You'll have an opportunity to dive into your photo archives. āœ”ļøāœ”ļø Next level tasks: optional and more specific, for those craving the extra challenge! Are you ready? 3... 2.. 1.. Shoot! šŸ“ø
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