Less is More: Minimalism Challenge

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10 days, 10 simple, inspiring tasks to start your journey towards a minimalist mindset. šŸŒæ Do your home and mind feel cluttered at times? Do you catch yourself wanting to turn your home upside down and just throw away everything at once? Feel restless in a space that should provide rest and calm? If so, join this challenge and begin your minimalist life here. There won't be any grand gestures or overwhelming tasks - just small, but mindful steps towards living with less. āœ”ļø We'll tackle a few home areas that have true uplifting power when decluttered; āœ”ļø Will take a look at what's happening on your phone; āœ”ļø Will learn to separate from sentimental, but unnecessary items. After completing this challenge, we're pretty sure you'll feel so accomplished that you'll want to dive even deeper into the "less is more" idea -- we'll be here for you then too! Shall we begin?šŸš€
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