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Life is a long path to discover your true self... Why not start today? šŸ˜ For 10 days, spend a few minutes to learn more about yourself by doing various personality & lifestyle tests. šŸ™Œ A few topics you'll dig deeper into: ā€¢ Love languages; ā€¢ Self-esteem; ā€¢ Personality; ā€¢ Satisfaction; ā€¢ Emotions; ā€¢ Stress. Don't expect BuzzFeed-type quizzes. These are research-powered yet user-friendly tests ready for the taking. šŸŽÆ And you know what's even better? All you have to do is share a screenshot of your results to complete the task. šŸ˜Ž Feel like you know your personality backwards and forwards? Literally, put it to the test. šŸ¤­
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