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Our planet Earth is a magnificent thing to explore, but can you imagine that not so long ago there were still many places left unseen by the human eye? 👀 Nowadays, the story is a little different. It seems that every corner has been discovered and documented. We can even travel to these far away exotic lands ourselves, if we have the means, of course. 🌏 But since travelling is quite an expensive luxury for many of us (not to mention the current world situation 🤭), let’s use the tools available (&free!) - digital maps. We crafted these simple & super fun tasks for you to broaden your horizons, explore the places you’ve never been to and see what your fellow virtual explorers discovered. 🧳 All you have to do is read the daily task, open Google maps, start your virtual exploration and then share what you find with us here. *Your daily task will only provide a general idea of what you should look for - the particular places are left for you to find on your own, because we think that all of us have that adventurous explorer inside. 🕵️‍♂️ A short guide: 🔹Read the task; 🔹Οpen your maps (we recommend Google Maps); 🔹Open street view or just use zoom in; 🔹Explore the place; 🔹Share what you found here! 3,2,1...Go!
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