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9 days and 9 easy steps to create an epic digital time capsule for your future self. ⌚ Imagine yourself X years from now - all grown up, with priorities, goals and life situation possibly very different from where you are now. Wouldn't it be awesome to look back and relive a few highlights from your current life? 🤔 Rewind those memories, rediscover nostalgic pictures and remember what your biggest dream was then? In this challenge, you'll make this happen in just over a week! ✔️ Collect photos, videos and songs that carry a lot of meaning to you these days; ✔️ Reflect on things that define who you are now; ✔️ Decide on the opening date of when you want to access all these nostalgic goodies. And voilà! At the end of this challenge, your digital capsule will be ready! Are you ready as well? 🥰 Let's go down the memory lane! 💭
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