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Feel like your productivity is kinda rusty at the moment? Or... maybe you know what works for you, but want to learn more? 😅 You've come to the right place! 🙌 In 15 days, we'll test 7 different productivity methods together: - To-Do ✅ - GTD 🚀 - Pomodoro 🍅 - Eat That Frog 🐸 - Time Blocking ⌚❌ - Eisenhower Matrix ⬜ - To-Don't ❌ We dedicated 2 days to each technique with a purpose. The first day is THEORY - you'll prepare and get acquainted with the method, and the next day is PRACTICE - you will try it out in reality. 💪 If you're still looking for the perfect planning method, we're sure you''ll find something that works for you here! 🚀
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