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Are you a night owl šŸ¦‰, striving to become an early riser? šŸ“ Do you wish to be more productive during the morning? Are you ready to begin your day when everybody else is still hitting the snooze button? Answered any of these questions with a 'yes'? Then this challenge is going to be a perfect wake-up call! We're sure that changing sleeping habits takes time, so we've structured these 14 days into 2 parts: āœ”ļø During the first week, you'll learn which rituals can help kickstart your morning & night routine. āœ”ļø During the second week, you'll put theory into practice, by going to bed and waking up earlier. You'll also find extra tips! āœ”ļø Throughout the whole journey, we'll suply you with tips and tricks on how to fall in love with your mornings. šŸŒ… All good things take time and you probably won't become a morning person over night. After this challenge you'll have a strong foundation, but you'll need to stick with the new habits and rituals. It's worth it, right? Say goodbye to the snooze-fest and say hello to a fresh start! ā°
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