7 Makeup Experiments

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Do you ever find yourself lacking inspiration / time and doing the same makeup everyday? Or getting too comfortable with your most-loved products and, as a result, completely forgetting to experiment and have fun? šŸŒø This is exactly why we've created this challenge in the first place! We want you to remember how exciting and amusing makeup can be and fall in love with the products you already own again. šŸŒž In this 7-day challenge you'll: āœ” find motivation to go out of your makeup comfort zone. āœ” experiment with unique styles, colours and ideas. āœ” explore new ways to use makeup products you already own. Your face is a canvas and makeup can be an rewarding form of artistic expression, right? šŸ’„ An interesting makeup look can elevate any outfit and also brighten up your day! So without further ado, let's get into it! šŸŽØ
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