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7 Art Therapy Exercises That Will Soothe Your Body and Mind šŸŖ Have you ever been in a situation where your head was about to explode from chaotic thoughts, your body tired after a long day and it was so hard to figure out how to regain you inner and outer peace? Art therapy is an important and popular technique for treating a variety of physical and emotional health problems. Its' various methods are perfect for calming down, clearing your head or just concentrating. šŸŽØ This 7-day challenge is created for you to discover and try out a variety of art therapy techniques in the comfort of your own home. ā˜„ļø We'll focus on: āœ” Painting; āœ” Writing; āœ” Photography; āœ” ...And other arts! So roll up your sleeves and take on this artistic challenge! šŸ„°
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