7 Days – 7 Lithuanian Artists

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The world of art is vast and most of the internationally acclaimed artists are truly well known in the wide world. 🖼 But this challenge offers you a different perspective. Well, not quite different, better say quite niche. In this challenge we want to introduce you to 7 of the most interesting Lithuanian artists. 🇱🇹 Because Vieta App was born in Lithuania, we felt like it would be quite fitting to reveal the veil of mystery about Lithuanian art. Because you’ve probably never heard any of these artists’ names before. So stay curious and dare to explore the art of our tiny country. 🚩📸 Maybe you’ll find some great inspiration? Either way, at the end of this challenge you’ll definitely be well versed in the obscure and niche knowledge of Lithuanian art. Pretty cool way to stand out from the crowd, right? 😅
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