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Arts project
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67 people support this
Project description
Our project, named 'Tėkmė' ('Flow'), officially started on January 17th. Our main tool of communication is social media, mostly Instagram, but we also plan to make a website - it will be the time our project gets more serious. Right now, we are trying to find more people who are interested and follow what we do. The main theme of 'Tėkmė' is art. Our main goal is to get people to see art in an interesting, understandable way and encourage self expression. We do it by posting short articles on various topics related to art and interviewing creators. Recently, we made rubric focused on people sharing their art. Our team is trying to make the content as simple and as easily readable as possible.
Contribution to community/society
We hope that our project will contribute to strengthening art community in Lithuania and making art accessible for everyone. We don't want art to be seen as an 'elite thing' which needs special talent. Art is one of the main things which makes us human, it is a form of communication, so we want to make it understandable. We believe that everyone can be an artist or at least be interested in art. Our team thinks that any kind of self expression through art is worthy, and one of our main goals is to make an opportunity for people to share their ideas. What is more, we aim to make connections between various forms of art, for example, music & painting or photography & poetry. It may even be a start of future cooperating between various artists. Our project, as our team believes, will be an inspiration for art lovers and creators.
What would you spend your prize on?
Our team would spend the prize on making the content more professional, launching a website and promoting 'Tėkmė'.
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