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76 people support this
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By adopting the newest technologies, we have developed smart hoodies with even smarter hidden pockets, made for storing the most essential items in your everyday life. Our specially designed pockets allow the user to feel comfortable, safe and stylish at the same time. In addition, our innovative multicolored hoods, made from various fabrics, such as latex, velvet and a variety of others, let the wearer express his or her personal style - no matter what it would be.
Contribution to community/society
We create clothing not only for style, but for practicality as well. Our hoodie pockets allow you to ditch your bag or purse and move freely and safely. Also, since we're a group of young individuals (all of us are under the age of 18) it is our mission to educate younger people about the world of business.
What would you spend your prize on?
The prize would allow us to continue our ambition to become one of the largest innovative clothing brands in Lithuania, creating clothing that improves with every new collection. The increased budget would allow us to expand our audience through facebook and instagram ads, as well as to fulfil our ideas, that would rock the Lithuanian fashion scene.
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