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Bėgantis Nuo Praeities
Project type:
Arts project
897 people support this
897 people support this
Project description
"Bėgantis Nuo Praeities" is our first ever movie that we currently are making. Our team is made up from people, who are passionated into making their dreams a reality. We got bunch of people from Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis Art School and Mykolas Biržiška Gymnasium in our crew, who are very talended in music, art and are into filmmaking. We decided to collab and make something impossible. The "impossible" means high quality video and sound movie with beautiful film score, that is currently being composed by talented Čiurlionis art school student, choir & orchestra conductor, pianist Deividas Kukta, also unique locations for our filming will reveal the beauty and significance of our movie. The inspirational story of our film will make viewers dive into theirselves and learn several life lessons. THIS is our GOAL, so only cooperation, solidarity for each other, strict routine and punctuality will help us to reach that and achieve something, that we were dreaming about in the past and looked impossible for us.
Contribution to community/society
In my opinion, not only upcoming viewers of this film, but the whole film crew will learn a lesson, that nothing is impossible. And I believe, that we all will gain a lot of motivation to move on and create something bigger. Also we all going to be more educated about filmmaking, technical management and dealing with all the problems that arise during all the movie making process.
What would you spend your prize on?
We would invest all the money to our project - camera equipment, lights, software plug-ins and everything that would help us to improve our movie.
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