Vieta App - Fun, Inspiring Daily Challenges

About us

Vieta started its journey in 2019 as a communications tool freelancers - a chat for your projects that offered freedom, flexibility and minimalistic approach to everyday’s digital clutter. And during this process of iteration, an unexpected wave of early adopters emerged - young, passionate people, full of ideas, with busy schedules and big goals for their lives. 🎯
It was fascinating to see how much these young adults have on their plates every day - from schoolwork and volunteering initiatives to personal projects or even their own businesses.🔥 They started chatting on Vieta, first with each other and later - in themed communities. It became obvious that this new generation is extremely passionate about higher values, the common good and content that helps to learn something new - not waste time on mindless scrolling.
That’s how our special type of content - challenges - came to life. At first, those challenges were extra simple - just tasks written in message form, posted in communities’ chats 💬. As interest and participation in challenges grew, we realized that this type of content really needs a proper home. An environment that helps you grow and progress - as a person, friend, future professional.
So this is how Vieta v3 was born - with a mission to help you See Yourself Grow 🚀. With challenges to suit almost any interest or topic, Vieta aims to become a sort of app store for fun, inspiring daily challenges - a place for self-development, but in a social, playful way. Because personal growth shouldn’t be boring or tough. It should be fun! 🦩
And here we are now - 13 people at Vieta, excited to be part of your personal development journey. Vieta is a Lithuanian name for the word “A Place” - a very fitting one as we aim to be the place where people can learn new things, grow and focus on things that matter ✔️.
Come and join us on this wonderful pursuit 👋 - be part of Vieta world of proactive, inspiring and passionate human beings ✨